Safe, legal and effective professional teeth whitening in Doncaster

If you’re considering teeth whitening in Doncaster, look no further: Churchview Dental Practice offers professional, prescription teeth whitening that you can trust to deliver the results you really want. Unlike the toothpastes and treatments you can buy over the counter or online – which are at best, ineffective and at worst, dangerous to use – teeth whitening at Churchview Dental Practice is safe, pain-free and clinically proven to lighten your teeth predictably and effectively.

Bespoke teeth whitening in Doncaster

At Churchview Dental Practice, we offer the White Dental Beauty whitening system, which offers lots of flexibility in terms of prescription strength and treatment times. We’ll take your dental impressions and send them off to a dental lab, where bespoke whitening trays will be made to fit your teeth exactly. Your dentist will give you a set of syringes filled with your prescription bleaching gel, and you’ll need to wear your trays for the prescribed amount of time at home.
After your treatment has completed, you can keep your custom trays for future top-up treatments as and when required.


Is teeth whitening suitable for everyone?

Almost. Teeth whitening can only be carried out on patients over 18. There are a few patients for whom whitening may not be advisable, which is why it’s imperative that you only have your teeth whitened by a qualified dental professional.

Why get my teeth whitened at the dentist?

Whitening via a registered dentist is your only option if you want your whitening to be legal, safe and deliver the results you want. Unlike over-the-counter or online products, professional whitening means the dentist can prescribe the highest-strength bleaching agent for you, yet adjust it if it causes any problems. This means you’ll get the best possible results with the least discomfort.

How do I get started with teeth whitening?

If you’re interested in whitening your teeth, you will first need to attend a consultation at Churchview Dental Practice. Your dentist will carry out a full examination before confirming you’re a good candidate for whitening. If whitening is the right treatment for you, your dentist will take your dental impressions, which will be sent to a lab where your custom-fit bleaching trays will be manufactured. Unlike generic bleaching trays, lab-made trays exactly fit the contours of your gum line, protecting your gums and targeting your teeth more accurately.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Whitening is like setting back the clock on the colour of your teeth – so they will start to darken again with age and to collect stains again, just as they would if you’d never had them whitened. The key to keeping your teeth white as long as possible, whether you have them whitened or not, is avoiding the foods and drinks that stain teeth and maintaining your dental hygiene routine. You can also use your bespoke whitening trays for top-up treatments that you can get from your dentist.


Once you have registered with us as a patient, you can contact us online or by phone to arrange or amend your appointments.